We've gathered some general questions about U/LINC that you might find useful.
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The price of U/LINC varies based on your contract type with Lincoln Electric. Here’s a list of the different levels and product numbers available to purchase:

K4244-1 Intro Level 1 - Individual Student License
K4244-2 Intro Level 1 - Welding Program Package (40 Student Licenses and 1 Instructor License)
K4244-3 Intro Level 1 - Individual Instructor License
K4244-4 Intro Level 1 - Additional Instructor License
K4245-1 Intermediate Level 2 - Individual Student License
K4245-2 Intermediate Level 2 - Welding Program Package (40 Student Licenses and 1 Instructor License)
K4245-3 Intermediate Level 2 - Individual Instructor License
K4245-4 Intermediate Level 2 - Additional Instructor License
K4246-1 Advanced Level 3 - Individual Student License
K4246-2 Advanced Level 3 - Welding Program Package (40 Student Licenses and 1 Instructor License)
K4246-3 Advanced Level 3 - Individual Instructor License
K4246-4 Advanced Level 3  - Additional Instructor License

U/LINC was developed with the various types of welding programs in mind. Here are the three levels of U/LINC:

  • Level 1: Agricultural Education, Technology Education, or programs that are introductory in nature.

  • Level 2: Career Centers (Vocational Schools) that teach a two-year welding program at the high school level.

  • Level 3: Community College / Industrial Partner level curriculum.
  • The difference is in the amount of materials you are able to access. To see what content is in in each level, click here.

    As an Instructor, you can purchase:

  • A. An Individual Instructor license.
  • B. Individual Student Licenses.
  • C. A Welding Program Package that contains 1 Instructor License and 40 Student Licenses.
  • D. Additional Instructor Licenses, only after either A or C have been purchased.
  • U/LINC licenses are good for one (1) calendar year and are based on active licenses. An active license is one where either an instructor or student can log in and access U/LINC. Licenses can be transferred from one user to another during the calendar year.

    As an instructor, you manage the licenses in U/LINC. You can add and inactivate students as needed throughout the calendar year.

    You have the ability to inactivate students. This means that students cannot log in to U/LINC. Although students can no longer access the system, their record and U/LINC class activity is stored indefinitely. If a student re-registers for the class, they can be reactivated and their learning history is still there.

    Yes, you must have a MyLincoln account to purchase U/LINC.

    Click here to get a U/LINC quote and get the process started!

    Your U/LINC subscription is good for one calendar year.

    When purchasing U/LINC, you have the option to delay activation of your school until the next school year begins.

    No. Level 2 has everything that Level 1 has and more.

    Once you complete your purchase in MyLincoln, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours confirming your full access to U/LINC.

    Once you log in to U/LINC, you have access to user guides and training videos. We also have regularly scheduled webinars to review how the system works. If you have specific questions, you can reach us at 1-888-219-8385 or email us at ULINC_help@lincolnelectric.com

    Students can access U/LINC from the student catalog, but students can only see the Student Resources. You can decide if you want your students to have full access to the catalog (much like giving them a textbook) or you can restrict access and assign Student Resources separately.

    Online e-learning classes and tests are not part of the student catalog and therefore must be assigned to the student by the instructor.

    Date the class was completed.

    How long they were logged into the class.

    The grade on the final exam.

    Online quizzes will be available at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.